Can Stress Be Your Friend?

Stress is bad for you, it’s your enemy. It can cause so much damage to your health – physically and mentally: heart disease, stroke, cancer, sleep depravation, anxiety – list goes on and on. That’s what we are told to believe and have no reason not to. I’m sure we have all experienced it’s influence. Stress is bad. That’s a fact. Best to avoid.


In my previous job I was under a lot of stress and could easily tell the negative effect it had on me. So I quit and soon after I felt like a completely new person – a happier one, even though I had less money in my bank account. I found another job – stress-free and steady, but soon feelings of boredom and monotony started creeping in. It wasn’t challenging enough, not satisfying enough. It didn’t feel that great after all and made me wonder: maybe a little bit of stress is not that bad? Maybe our bodies need some stimulation and challenge to get the sense of satisfaction and self-fulfilment? Then, accidentally, I came across TED talk which presents a completely different view on stress, reframing our common perceptions about it. It’s definitely worth watching so I’ve attached a link below.

How To Make Stress Your Friend

So what do you think? Maybe it isn’t that bad and what we need is to change our focus because it’s up to us how we handle stress and create meaning in our lives?



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