My Workout Playlist



I can’t work out without music. It just doesn’t feel right.

I remember times when I used to go for a run regularly – I had to always make sure that my iPod was charged enough so it would last the entire run, otherwise, I would find it much more difficult to keep the right pace or I would get bored much more easily. If you work out mostly in the gym, it might be less of an issue as most gyms now play their music, but I still prefer to have my own tracks at the ready, so I don’t have to keep skipping songs that I don’t like and can focus on training. I like making my own playlists in general (for when I cook, drive, chill out) and I thought I’d share one that I’ve been listening to lately during my HIIT training sessions. You can find on Spotify if you just click the link below:


Crunchy Kashew Workout Playlist

You can also check out this interesting article  7 Reasons You Should Listen To Music When You Work Out or if you like something more scientific, have a look at this one: Let’s Get Physical: The Psychology of Effective Workout Music.

If you have any thoughts on this or would like to share your playlist, feel free to comment below!


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