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Welcome to Crunchy Kashew!

Crunchy Kashew is designed to inspire others to pursue their goal of leading healthier lifestyle by making better eating choices, cooking healthier meals, including exercise in daily/weekly schedules, and following genuine well-being tips and advice. I’d love to make your experience here as comfortable as possible.

With my long-lasting passion for photography, fitness, nutritious cooking and general well-being, I thought it would be a good idea to start a blog where I could share ideas, tips, recipes, workout plans, photos, reviews and many more miscellaneous things related to fitness and healthy lifestyle. I’d love it to become a platform to connect with those who are interested in improving the above aspects of lifestyle, but for various reasons never really got the chance to dive into the subject. Also, with increasingly more information (sometimes contradictory and confusing) about what’s supposed to be healthy and what’s not, my goal is to make it clearer and easier to digest.

I know it’s quite a broad mission statement – as opposed to the blogs dedicated to a specific subject like vegan bodybuilding or gluten-free, paleo baking – but what I’m interested in (and hope there’s more of us out there sharing this interest) is more holistic, multi-dimensional approach to a healthy lifestyle, including physical, emotional, even mental aspects of it – anything that makes us feel better and healthier.

Hopefully, I will be able to keep you interested and inspire some changes towards healthier and happier version of You!